At ThoughtDesign, customer relationships are about partnerships. Through our services we engage customers in a partnership model based on mutual trust, openness, shared risk and rewards to enable us to deliver quality solutions as a partner of skilled resources.

ThoughtDesign will architect your software solution, providing you with the framework on which to build. Then if you choose, we can then assist you in the development, deployment and maintenance of your software.

ThoughtDesign can assist with the following types of solutions

Enterprise & Cloud Based Systems

Web – intranet or public facing web sites, incorporating online stores and ecommerce

Database - SQL Server database design and Business Intelligence solutions covering Reporting, Analysis Services, Integration Services

Cloud – where your solution is delivered as a service utilising Windows Azure, AWS and other platforms

System Design &
Cloud Strategies

You can engage ThoughtDesign to produce a documented application architecture and use this to :

  • Take the solution to tender
  • Reduce the impediments to success based on technology and other  identified risks
  • Better estimation – having documented design principles will enable  you to better estimate the remaining development effort
  • Guide your team during the development process
  • Plan and automate your deployment

On & Off Shore
Software Solutions

ThoughtDesign can offer custom software development services throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Our services include:

  • Custom Application Development
  • E-Commerce systems
  • IT Consulting
  • Web Portal Development
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Data Warehousing

Data Mining
& Reporting

At ThoughtDesign we can help you discover more about your business data by transforming it into a format where reporting tools and dashboard can be used to present an array of new facts and business opportunities based on the discovery of patterns in your data. We can assisst with:

  • Data extraction, transformation and load (ETL) using various data tools and custom built ones
  • Multi-Dimensional Database design (aka Cubes) using SQL Server Analysis Services and other technologies
  • Using various visual on-demand and scheduled reporting techniques
  • Microsoft based BI integration and custom dashboards
  • Optimising data stores for preformance and resiliance

Project Management
& Governance

ThoughtDesign understands that project management is more than just technical challenges broken down into manageable tasks. Business and strategic goals need to form part of the actionable plan. ThoughtDesign provides governance around projects via effective communication amongst all parties involved in the project and good practices aided by tools to support them.

Commitment to processes should lead to a better outcome. Peer reviews, clear accountabilities and measurements, monitoring and simplified reporting are essential to project governance. No single project management methodology can fit all cases since each software project is unique in many ways.

ThoughtDesign can help you project manage your next software development project. We take a holistic approach to governance for all project stakeholders.

Quality Assurance

Testing and QA are key areas of the software development life cycle. Testing also means adherence to best practices and processes used during all phases of the project as deviations from these processes can lead to incorrect results. ThoughtDesign testing services cover include:

  • Unit Testing
  • System & Integration Testing
  • Usability and Acceptance Testing
  • Globalization Testing
  • Stress and Performance Testing


Require technical training on the Microsoft technology stack? Improve your ability to design and develop enterprise solutions using the Microsoft .NET Framework. Look No further.

Over the years, ThoughtDesign has delivered training to architects, developers and business analysts in areas of Domain Driven Design, User Driven Analysis and various SOA techniques.

We can also help you to develop and deliver training for software products we have developed. Training can be conducted on site or in training rooms in conjunction with our business partners.

Thinking of a new software project or facing problems with one in progress? We are here to help, Contact Us