A lot of people in our industry haven't had very diverse experiences. So they don't have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem. The broader one's understanding of the human experience, the better design we will have. --Steve Jobs

While our business may have a youthful complexion, we have decades of Information Technology experience under our belt. Our architects have wide and varied experience in Information Technology and across several business fields, including investment banking, retail, and mass communication amongst others.

Our team has a supreme goal, and that is building high quality software that stands the test of time while achieiving the maximum ROI for our customers in a non-intrusive engagement. We deliver your organisation's software vision while keeping you focused on its core business objective without being side-tracked to the IT domain).

With us you will get:

  • A professional local team to to interact with while being abstrated from all the details of project management and co-ordinating a global team.
  • A team that is always ahead of the curve with the latest best practices and technologies.
  • A team that has been hand picked from around the globe and is proud of the quality of solutions delivered.
  • Software with strong foundations that stands the test of time, and allows you to expand , rather than rebuild.

With us you get a partner.

Hi and Welcome to ThoughtDesign,

A few years ago we had a dream of starting a business that offers an immaculate software architecture and development service. We wanted the company to be different from other software companies in two aspects.

The first one was to accept the fact that it would take a very long time to build a company that “does it all”. Software projects vary in scale, complexity and resourcing requirements. We realise that both the Australian and international market have got a wealth of companies who specialise in certain areas of software development, such as architecture, analysis and testing. We strongly believe that we are software architecture specialists and within our team we have the experience and track record to prove it. So we set out to not only offer software services but also form a strong partnership of specialist companies and encapsulate the services under the single team / management notion allowing us to provide a superior service at any stage of the software development life cycle. This has allowed us to offer a combined service like no other and we are so pleased about it.

The second realisation was that software development was not being treated like an art or a robust engineering discipline as it should. It always annoyed us when we heard feedback from potential clients talking about how software projects have a high failure rate or they’re known to fall outside time and budget. We then decided to take few vows and set up some rules that we would never break and those are:

  • Software development is a form of engineering and we will treat it as such. Any form of engineering is based on proven science, practices and disciplines and is constituted of formulas that simply cannot be broken. We will never get involved in a project without careful planning, strategizing and calculating the risks thus achieving a formula that we are guaranteed to adhere to and not break. I am sure that would be the simple rule people would follow when hiring a construction engineer to build their home. I never heard of an engineer who started laying bricks on the first day and neither should we. Software is our home.
  • Software engineers are artists. We are in the business of hiring software artists. If we are to grow rapidly for the sake of financial gain we risk compensating on the hiring process and the quality of candidates. So the rule we follow is a simple one. We only hire people who are like us or better. If a potential candidate cannot add value to our team by being able to introduce us to something we weren’t doing before or increase the quality of what we are currently doing then we simply won’t engage.

Today we have realised our dream and before I leave you I will make you one last promise on behalf of the ThoughtDesign team and network. If we are engaged on a software project we will never leave it without a positive unforgettable thumbprint.

Thanks and Happy Development,

Omar Besiso,
Founder & Technical Director

A Global Team of Professionals

We have a highly skilled team of:

  • Architects
  • Senior Developers
  • UX/UI Specialists
  • Quality Assurance Engineers

4 Offices

With offices based in:

  • Sydney - Head Office
  • Cairo - Development Office
  • Hungary - Development Office
  • Dubai - Representative Office

14 Successful Projects
in 2014/2015

15 Architecture Training Sessions Conducted With Our Clients
in 2014/2015

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